Don't  Make Him Angry

Don't  Make Him Angry

or: Poking the Bear


What started as a snoozefest of a punt-A-palooza turned ugly quick when the Steelers made the mistake of pulling a scoop-N-score only to find they had awakened the sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.


Time to hunt some buffalo.


Happy Trails,


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Smitty, One of my co-workers: "I've been watching the highlight package for 8 hours straight." I noted that Mahomes threw TDs to, a WR, a RB, a TE, an OL, and another WR. Finally, a TE threw one! Jeez Louise. I've never seen a sleepier game end with more fireworks. The Chiefs looked scary/unstoppable for 3 quarters. I also noted that the Bills team that played NE on Saturday would beat any team in the world. They scored 7 straight TDs against the 2nd best D in the NFL (they can't play the #1, because that's the Bills themselves). The Chiefs and Bills will be a grudgematch rematch for the ages. Woe be to the Benglas or Titans who get to play the winner. LOVE the bust/close up of Hulk. How do I commission a bust/close up from you for my son's art collection?
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Speaking of fireworks, Arrowhead better stock up. It was understandable the stadium ran out of explosives when they dropped a 50 burger on the Texans a couple years ago. That they ran out after 42 against Pittsburgh seems like poor planning. Check the Commissions button at the top of the page but, know that I don't accept commissions on smaller pieces such as the ones you see on the blog which are done strictly for fun. Commissions are work and there's a point at which I'd rather be outside goofing off.


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