The Denouement

The Denouement
or: It Was Thi-i-i-s Big

We've hit the trifecta of insomnia, daylight savings time and calendar dyslexia. It's time to post and I got nuthin' so, it's off to the vaults.

While the artist may be the least qualified to make such a judgement I think this  may be the best commission piece I've done. For me, story is everything and story starts with characters: as soon as you have more than one, something is going to happen. In this case, it was something big.

I like the "bits" where Barry and Hal vie for the attention of Zatanna, Ollie offers his services as a cobbler to Dinah and especially where the Bruce smiles at Kal's story of just how big his monster was while Dianna is less than impressed.

Happy Trails

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