Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms
or: Give Early, Give Often.

Universe, you are really starting to tick me off!

Bad news girls and boys. Cartoonist Norm Breyfogle has suffered a stroke! I know little more than this except… he needs financial help.

Slight digression. I have a fondness for cross country motorcycling. The Good Biker Code of the West says: you see a bike parked on the side of the highway, you STOP! No matter the weather, the iron, the colors, you STOP and provide whatever help you can because NO ONE stops for a biker… except another biker.

If you like comics, then Norm is family. Here's our chance to do for one of our own. Give early, give often and I promise you this: Your heart will grow three sizes that day and your strength will be that of ten grinches plus two! Plus, it'll help Norm out of a bind.

You can Donate Here.

JUST SO YOU KNOW, there may be a donation fee required. There was an edit donation fee function but, I didn't try it. They only dinged me 5% and if that keeps the fundraiser "free" for the Breyfogle family, I'm happy to "donate."

(Not So) Happy Trails
Smitty :(


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