Bring on the Brood

Bring on the Brood

or: Silent Thunder


This week, the Longbox-of-Mystery reveals X-Men 165, my first official X-Job. When I brought in the first few pages, the silence was deafening. No one said anything but the panic in the room was palpable. The next batch was received with much hemming and hawing. The third batch, where Storm nearly morphs into one of the brood, was the charm. With a sigh of relief Editor Weezie Jones admits she'd been wondering if she'd made a mistake.


Having dodged the bullet I finish up only to find next issue is double-sized! EEK!Welcome to the big leagues.


Happy Trails,


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Jeff Bell's picture

Your arrival heralded an artistic Renaissance on a book that had ME hemming and hawing for quite some time. Jeff
Robert's picture

What was deemed wrong with the initial submitted pages? Looking through #165, it all looks great. The only problem was that on the first printing, Scott's hair was colored blue (to represent black) throughout the issue, rather than brown.


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