Boisterous Beast

Boisterous Beast

or: the Walking Thesaurus


Sticking with last week's X-theme if for no other reason than it's the first memory I have of the work of Tom Palmer who just passed away. For my money, Tom was the greatest inker comics ever had. I never got a chance to actually work with him though we did get teamed for a few pages in a deadline busting, diverse hands, we-need-a-book-by-Monday deals.


Thanx for everything, Tom.


Happy Trails


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Smitty, Are you talking about Iron Lantern? I am a HUGE Amalgam Comics fan and I know that you had lots of inkers on that book and Palmer was one of them. I'm desperate to get you to do an Iron Lantern piece for my collection, to buy original pages, and to get a signature from you on my copy of the book. I've tried to reach out to everyone I can find who inked that book. I've been told by multiple inkers that Al Williamson inked the lion's share of pages and his estate would have had the most originals back. Al Milgrom has a standing "hold for me" if he ends up finding a page in his magical basement of originals. Andrew Pepoy only has 1 page left, and it's for his personal collection because he loves your art so much. I'm in the same club of devoted fans. Love your work. Wish we got to see more of you and a MASTER like Palmer. Godspeed to him, and condolences to his family. Reed


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