Barbarians at the Gate

Barbarians at the Gate
or: Have Sword Will Travel

Sorry for the late post. Suffered a gremlin attack well past the hour I could contact my webmaster. Apparently my choosing bed over banging my head against the computer caused them to go bother someone else as everything seems in order now...

This weeks grab bag reveals Conan the Barbarian #73. Looking back, I'm surprised I never  did a Conan story while we were both at Marvel. While it was fanwork, my first appearance at Marvel was a pair of Conan pinups I showed to Roy Thomas at a book signing but… we've already covered that story.

Closest I came were a couple of cartoons, Conan the Comedian and Conan the Commuter. The first came from a discussion on what would make Conan laugh. The other on his sartorial choices, specifically earrings. Some thought them unmanly. I thought: compared to what; His manly mini skirt and ponytail?

Robert E. Howard's, Conan.

Happy Trails