Alley Oop

Alley Oop
or: Big Things, Small Packages

Today’s post is extra early. I’ve been in pitched battle with a cover and the tide is starting to turn in my favor. I’m going to take a quick break, pull a piece from the vault and jump back into the pit while my blood is still hot.

The Puck hoisting Colossus idea came from the client. In the thumb process it strikes me that a “reverse” fast ball special might be amusing so I throw that in. The client sees the humor but wants the piece as an inspirational poster for his son with the idea being the little guy can do big things.

There’s an area of art known as perspective. It’s the graphing science used to create the illusion of 3D on a 2D surface. Among it’s rules is the idea that things get larger or smaller as they get closer or further respectively. Colossus is already 4X Puck’s size so, this can present a problem. With Puck below and Colossus on high perspective works against me bringing both figures closer to being the same size so a certain degree of cheating is required.

Generally speaking, a down shot instills power and strength to the viewer (I’m bigger than you and can crush you like a bug) while an upshot suggests weakness and fear (I’m smaller than you and about to be crushed). Problem with a down shot here is: if I get Puck in a spot where Colossus weight is centered, Puck ends up hidden. If I get Puck off to the side sufficiently to be seen, then Colossus is at an angle and spot where Puck can’t balance him. @#$%! We go with the upshot and trust to body language and facial expression to provide power and strength to Puck.

Happy Trails


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