1001 Asgardian Nights

1001 Asgardian Nights

or: Mystic Mountain Madness


Thor 137 is still on the desk and I'm still amazed at just how much ... stuff.. is packed in this issue. I t  was Vinnie Colletta's inks on Tales of Asgard  where I "discovered" Jack Kirby. Looking back I remember seeing Jack's earlier work on Challengers of the Unknown, Green Arrow, the Fly, the Fantastic Four... none of it attracted me until Vinnie and ToA.


Of all the characters in ToA, Hogun the grim was my favorite. This issue finds our heroes traveling to the land of Hogun's birth where we meet up with Mogul of the Mystic Mountain where he and his Djinn are up to no good... hijinks ensue.


Happy Trails


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